The sandwiches that come to life on your plate!

Could this be the answer for getting fussy eaters chomping on their sandwiches? With everything from sausage booted SpongeBob to a ham and cheese coated grand piano - these funky-looking sarnies will guarantee that all crumbs and crusts will be mopped up. Each inventive sandwich is packed with fresh, original ingredients to whet the appetite.


Bringing the fun back into lunchtime, the person behind the sandwiches knows all too well that a tasty looking sandwich is vital for exciting your little ones palate.

Mark Northeast, a dad of two, discovered his talent when trying to get his four-year-old son, Oscar to eat his lunch. "He always took forever to eat his lunch so one day I cut his sandwich into a the shape of a space rocket and two vegetables into boosters. He then wolfed it down in five minutes flat."

The birth of Funky Lunch started off on Facebook and has generated a huge amount of interest since the website launched.

Check out his fantastic designs here and get inspired this lunchtime!

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SpongeBob Square Pants

Check out his cheesy arms, sausage boots and zangy tie - SpongeBob looks good enough to eat!


Nemo the clownfish

Everyone's favourite clownfish Nemo, is a carrot-coated cutie swimming through his spinach-lined ocean.


A tasty Grand Piano

A musical treat with cheese and chive keys held up with a carrot stick and a layer of ham - genius!


Hello Kitty!

Chive whiskers and tomato rimmed bow - this Kitty sure looks tasty!


Joyful giraffe

A novel way of using the last slice of the loaf by giving this happy giraffe his spots. Check out his olive nostrils too!


Hungry caterpillar

This crazy caterpillar looks red in the face with his tommy tomato head, circular body and mini cucumber legs.