Dad has 49-year age gap between children

UK man becomes a dad again aged 70


A dad has just welcomed his new son to the world, 49 years after he had his first baby, reports the Metro.


Mike Armitage is 70 years old, and he and his wife, Lyndsey, 30, have just had a son. Their baby has been named Paul, and entered the world weighing 3.7kg. Mike is already dad to five other children, aged from 49 to 16, from previous relationships.

Mike, a publican from Surrey, said, “My age won’t stop me being hands-on.”

The new dad added, “I’ll change nappies and do late-night feedings and when Paul is older I’ll be out kicking a ball around with him.”


While a 49-year gap may not be planned, if you’re wondering what is the best time to have another baby, check out our story on whether there can be an ideal age gap between siblings.

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