Dad tweets that women don’t NEED epidurals. Guess what happened next…

Fellow tweeters decided to take him to task, obvs ?


First rule of social media: if you put anything on there that’s a tad bit controversial, out of order or just plain wrong, there’s always a chance it will come back and bite you on the bum ?


One dad found that out when he decided to share his ‘personal opinion’ that epidurals are an unnecessary part of labour.

“Personal Opinion: My wife gave birth to two babies, 9lbs 10oz (10 hrs labor) and 8lbs 6oz (only 2 hrs for the second baby). No epidural.

“Women don’t NEED them at all. Never have. Since we only started using them in modern medicine. But hey, what do I know? I’m just the dude who held her hand through it twice.”


(Nice bit of humble-bragging on behalf of his wife there, too ?)

Now, as you can imagine, it wasn’t long before the tongue-in-cheek and suuuuper sarcastic quips came back in return.

“To be fair, having your hand squeezed feels exactly like childbirth,” said one reply.

While another revealed: “I had a 38 hour labor and the epidural for the last 6 absolutely saved my sanity and ability to bond with my baby. But what do I know, I’m only a woman who had a 38 hour labor.”

“My wife wanted to do natural childbirth,” commented another dad. “I supported her. Then halfway through 37 hours of labor the pain became unbearable, so she got the epidural. I supported her… what do I know. She was the one in pain.”

It’s fair to say pretty much, errrrr, absolutely no one agreed with this guy.

Sometimes epidurals – or other procedures we don’t necessarily want or expect – have to be done during childbirth to ensure the mother’s safety and that of her baby.

Not everyone needs an epidural, or wants one, but in some cases, it can be necessary – as one tweeter shared:

“My wife would have died in childbirth twice without necessary surgical intervention, but what do I know? I’m just the guy who held her hand in surgery.”

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