Pssst - wanna get your baby off to sleep in 15 SECONDS? Yep - you read that right. 15 tiny little seconds.


And who wouldn't? Well, this dad reckons he's got the secret to doing just that - and it's something so obvious we're amazed we haven't thought of it before (not really). So what is it?

A spot of Tibetan chanting, obvs.

So here's the deal: new dad and new age motivational speaker (we know, but bear with us!) Daniel Eisenman shared a video on his Facebook page of him chanting his newborn daughter Divina Victoria to sleep in less than a quarter of a minute.

Which new-age-fangle-wotsit or not is pretty amazing, right? And it was all via a bit of low-level 'omming' while holding her close (you know, the noise you're supposed to make when doing that cross-legged, thumb-and-index finger touching yoga pose).

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Apparently, om is an ancient Indian word that causes vibrations in the body that soothe the soul.

And, seemingly, soothe newborn babies into a state of peaceful slumber, too. And having watched the video several times over, it has to be said, Daniel's dulcet tones do make us very, v-e-r-y - yawn - sleepy... so it could be worth a go if you find yourself on the receiving end of a red-faced, yowling, wide-awake bubba next nap time.

Of course, it could just be that Daniel's manly tones work quite like white noise (sorry Daniel) to induce sleep... or that little Divina was absolutely zonked out.

Regardless, we quite enjoyed it. And we all get to the point with non-sleeping babies where we'll try anything, right?

We'd love to know what the results were if you decide to give this a go - spill the beans in comments or over on Facebook.

Pic and vid: Daniel Eisenman/Facebook

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