Dads who spend time alone with their children are better parents

Fathers who look after their children without mum around have better parenting skills than those more used to being “assistant” parent


Dads and children both benefit from spending quality time together alone, according to a new survey in Australia.


The survey, by the Financial Services Council, interviewed more than 1,200 parents, finding that dads were more confident and had better parenting skills if they spent more time alone with their children.

More than half of the mums interviewed spent more than four hours a day with their children while only around 30% of dads did parenting duties for as long each day. But 78% of dads would like to spend more time with their children, compared to 59% of mums.

The fathers interviewed in the survey suggested that they’re elevated from their “assistant” parent role when they spent time alone with their children. If the mum was around, they played second fiddle.

“Kids need their fathers to be around and doing the organising part of their lives. Our culture is to ‘leave it all to mum’,” said Professor Margot Prior, who conducted the research. “Solo care is about the interaction,” she added. “It’s the notion of fathers taking the responsibility in making decisions more of the time.”


How do the parenting duties split in your house?

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