Dad’s Xmas pressies sorted at PC World and Currys

MFM goes hi-tech to find something for the dads in our life (and comes away with our own wish list!)


Dads can be tricky, if they’re not into socks or whisky (and surprisingly some aren’t!), the options can be few…


So we decided to turn to technology and headed to see what cool gadgets Currys and PC World have in store for us this year.

To start off, we were rather taken with the iPad extra that turns dad’s pad into an old school game station with nostalgic computer games that work on the Apple platform. Or how about the touch screen desktop PC? Or speakers small enough to fit in your hand that you can plug into your MP3 player and control by remote from the next room?

For proud new dads in need of a laptop, Advent are now making one with interchangeable covers that you can print your own photos on. Just email a snap of your new baby and her adorable face can proudly adorn dad’s computer in no time.

And for blokes (and mums!) who have everything, save them some time with a self-hoovering vacuum cleaner (pics below)! Want!

Moving onto mums, check out the mini hairdryers in funky colours and tiny hair straigteners (see how big they are compared to MFMs’ hand!). And we definitely want the pink external hard drive with “cloud” technology that you can access anywhere in the world.

In the kitchenware section we rather liked the mini Whoopsie pie makers (and had to taste one that they had made earlier, of course!) and a cute matchie kettle and toaster in the vein of Cath Kidston but without the price tag. They also have funky steamers and processors, perfect if mums are heading into the weaning phase.


Definitely one to remember come December.

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