Dan Osborne has addressed his parenting critics on social media after a recent post stirred up something of an Instagram row.


He posted what seems like an innocent enough snap, showing a dad and his little girl enjoying breakfast before pre-school.

But the 25-year-old TOWIE star came under fire when fans realised his 2-year-old daughter Ella had a bottle of fruit juice beside her, rather than a cup.

Quickly, the comments rolled in...

One fan wrote: "There really is a lot wrong with allowing your child to have a bottle till they are 5. For one it's no good for their teeth.” (It’s worth noting here that Ella is actually 2).

Another added: "There's noooo way I'd let my 3 year old drink juice from a bottle! Your teeth are for life, they need looking after.”

"It's just the sipping of juice through a bottle is bad for her front teeth (speaking as a dental professional). Give her a straw and beaker, less teeth contact,” one instructed.

While another judged: "I just don't like seeing children not receiving the care they need.”

Some the commenters, however, were less judgemental than others...

One reasoned: "Beautiful picture, however I have to agree with some people commenting on the bottle situation, I work in a nursery. I don't pretend to know everything and claim to be perfect but if drinking out of a bottle it should only be milk or water.

"I have seen children with rotten teeth due to drinking juice out of a bottle, I'm only saying this as it's really not good for a child's teeth, I'm only advising I'm not being critical.”

“Lovely picture but I agree that your daughter shouldn't have a bottle at that age, it's not good for her teeth and also maturity either x” wrote another.

The official advice from the NHS says that parents should encourage their children to use a “non-valved, free-flowing" cup - rather than a bottle - from 6 months onwards.

Parents are also advised to avoid putting fruit juice in bottles.

From the NHS: "It's OK to use bottles for expressed breast milk, formula milk, or cooled boiled water. But using them for juices or sugary drinks can increase tooth decay."

Dan clapped back to the negative comments with: "Nothing wrong with the bottle... and she's 2, so to all of you commenting about a bottle, you very sad people should concentrate on your own awful lives."

Ella's mum and Dan's fiance, Jacqueline Jossa, hasn't made any comment.

Many of the couple's fans revealed that they found themselves in a similar situation to Dan, though, with one sharing:

"Ffs get a life, my little man’s nearly 2 and he has squash in a bottle. Get over yourselves. I have 5 kids and none of them have rotten teeth. It's up to Dan and Jacqueline. Like they give a s*** what the mum brigade think! ??"

Though this one positive comment in particular really stood out to us:

"A bit of parental support wouldn't go a miss. He's a young man doing right by his beautiful children. Feeding them, clothing them and loving them.

"They are happy and healthy and that's all that matters. The world would be a much nicer place if people weren't so critical and judgemental ? #alllove”

We certainly agree that: some of the comments he received were totally out of line.

We reckon that rather than throwing stones, showing support is the best way to get your point across ?

Images: Instagram/Dan Osborne

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