Danger of looped window blind cords highlighted by tragic baby death

A grieving mum is calling for a ban on looped window blind cords after her 17-month-old daughter became tangled in one and died


A toddler has died in her cot after after becoming entwined with the looped cord hanging from the blinds on her nursery window. Little Leah Edwards was in her cot with her twin brother when she became entangled.


Distraught mum Joy has called for such blinds to be banned in the UK, as they already are in the US, Canada and Australia. “We did tie the blinds up but not all the time. I’d just urge people to make sure they tie them up and to always be wary,” Joy said.

Leah was found by her elder brother, Christian, 7, who came to tell his parents that his sister had something around her neck. She was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

This is not the first call from parents for these looped blind cords to be banned.


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