Dannii Minogue’s boyfriend talks baby weight for dads

Kris Smith admits that even new dads have their own post-baby weight struggle

Kris Smith, Dannii Minogue’s partner and dad to 4-week-old Ethan, has revealed that becoming a dad has made it hard for him to keep up with his usual diet and fitness regime.


Kris, a former rugby league player, admitted that his training for catwalk modelling (which this year saw him in nothing but a pair of Speedos) went out of the window as soon as his baby boy was born. “Last year I cut out sugars, white flours, sweets, alcohol, anything that was bad and was training really hard,” Kris told The Daily Telegraph.


“I’ve tried to do it again but obviously the arrival of our son and being up at all hours of the night and just snacking on whatever you can, kind of put a stop to all that. It’s difficult when you have no real sleep pattern or no real eating pattern,” said new dad Kris.

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