Telling your little ones whether they’re going to have a baby brother or sister can be tough. You just never know how they’re going to react!

And, hilariously, this little girl's less-than-impressed reaction was caught on camera ?

The mum and dad in the video explained to her and her sister that they'd created a gender reveal volcano - which reveals a pink or blue foamy ‘lava’ when a kind of soda/powder is added to the mix.

And after excitedly adding the powder to reveal if they’d be welcoming a baby brother or baby sister…

The eldest was not thrilled to find her mum’s new baby would be a boy!

Cue a bit of hand stomping on the table...

“I didn’t want it to be blue. I wanted pink,” she complained. “Nooo. You made it the wrong colour.”

We’re sure this video will be played at birthdays and family celebrations for decades to come ?

How did you tell your little ones that they were getting a lil bro or sis - and how did they respond to the news? Let us know your stories on Facebook and Twitter!

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Images/Video: Facebook/Pretty 52/Lyndsey Far

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