David Beckham tells his kids: ‘No tattoos!’

Footballer wants his sons to be different to him


David Beckham’s sons have started asking him if they can get tattoos – and the former England football player is urging them not to.


The dad-of-four told The Jonathan Ross show, “They’ve already said they’re having tattoos done. And I said, ‘Well, be different, don’t have any tattoos.’

“And they said, ‘No, we’re going to have one. We’re going to have: Mum and Dad.’ So I can’t really say no to that.”

David said he regrets some of the looks he sported when he was younger and doesn’t want his sons to feel the same.

He says he cringes at the memory of the plaits he wore in his hair when he met Nelson Mandela. “I think I was in France at the time, I’d had a glass of wine or two,” he said. “It was really painful to have done. I had it done at the wrong time as well, because it was when England were in South Africa and we visited Nelson Mandela. I ended up going with cornrows, and I really regretted having that done.”

He also admitted to being a stickler for the rules when he watches his sons’ football matches: “I had to step in and ref one of their games and I kind of didn’t really want to but all the dads were like, ‘Well you know the rules’.

“So I took my coat off and I went out there and it was Romeo’s game. First half went great, they were winning 3-1. Second half 4-1, 5-1 and then Romeo went to make a tackle in the penalty area, missed the ball and took the young kid down and I had to give a penalty.

“Fortunately… they missed it. As we were running back, Romeo turned around to me and said, ‘I can’t believe you did that to me dad’, and he was crying, it was a lesson for him.”

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