Davina McCall confesses she nearly adopted

Praising Madonna, the Big Brother presenter reveals that she nearly adopted a Malawian baby too

When Madonna adopted Malawian orphans David Banda and Mercy James, not everyone agreed with it – including TV Presenter Davina McCall. “When Madonna adopted David Banda, I thought what she had done was wrong,” the mum-of-three admitted. However, after coming face-to-face with a 5-month-old orphan herself, Davina is now fully supportive of Madonna’s choice.


“You can’t help who you fall in love with and I do believe that becoming a mother unleashes this ability to just love  other children like your own,” she told Fabulous magazine. “Now I think what Madonna did was incredible.”

Recalling how she met a 5-month-old Malawian orphan boy who was ill and had no name through a Comic Relief mission, 42-year-old Davina admits that she thought “long and hard” about adopting him.  “I just fell in love with him. He was ill and hadn’t been named because he was expected to die so no-one cuddled him,” she shared. “It broke my heart. I called him Oscar. Everyday I went to hug him and feed him and eventually he was taken back to his village. I think about him a lot.”


However, already mum to Holly, 8, Tilly, 6, and Chester, 3, the Big Brother presenter decided against the adoption. “I felt for me, it would be so huge that I would have to stop working. I think about it a lot though.”


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