Davinia Taylor talks about her prenatal depression

The former Hollyoaks actress reveals the details on why she lost the custody battle for her son and how she’s overcome her problems

Just weeks after losing custody of her 3-year-old son Grey to her ex-husband David Gardener, Davinia Taylor has spoken out about the reasons why she was deemed an unfit mum – and how she’s overcome them.


The 32-year-old former Hollyoaks actress revealed to OK! magazine that she suffered prenatal depression seven months into her pregnancy after having an alcohol addiction prior to conception. Davinia refused to take any medication in fear that it would harm her unborn son, which led to her suffering bi-polar disorder once he was born.

Davinia also admitted that she struggled to bond with her newborn son. “Trying to breastfeed gave me such a creepy feeling. It made me feel sick. I was thinking, ‘don’t touch me, give me a glass,’” she shared with OK! magazine. She also revealed that she feared that she’d drop her baby believing that she “wasn’t even fit to hold this child”.

Davinia’s dependency on alcohol also played a part towards her depression, with her admitting that she was taking double shots every 45 minutes to get through the day. However, she went to rehab and is now recovering, stating, “I will never drink again. My child will never see me drunk.”


Did you suffer from prenatal depression like Davinia?

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