Delia Smith – career success put down to having no children

Celebrity cook admits she would have loved to have had children


TV chef Delia Smith has spoken out about why she didn’t start a family and how it’s affected her cooking career.


The 69-year-old TV cook and major shareholder of Norwich City football club, admitted, “Yes, I would have loved to have children,” but added, “It wasn’t to be, but I have loved what I’ve been able to do by not having children.”

Delia also believes that she may not have been as successful as she is today if she’d become a mum. “I think if I’d had a family, I would have gone wholeheartedly into being a mother,” Delia explained. “Maybe one of the reasons I’ve been so successful in my career is down to the fact I haven’t had any children.”

Delia also said she thought women “couldn’t have it all” – do you agree with her?

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