Desperate measures to secure school places not just a UK problem

Would you consider having labour induced early to beat that school application deadline? It seems USA mums are willing to go to desperate measures to nab that place in kindergarten...


The tricks UK parents employ to get children into their desired schools might be seen as a little questionable at times, but we’re not the only ones at it! Across the pond, a psychologist is warning that parents desperate to get their children into the best kindergartens are risking emotional meltdown.


“Parenting is a competitive sport,” explained New York therapist Dr Lisa Spiegel, adding she can spend entire 90-minute sessions with mums talking about their fear of failing their children.

Admissions consultant from New York, Dana Haddad, reports even more dramatic experiences of parents trying to secure the best school places. For a start, she’s regularly asked by parents if they should dress their toddler in a suit, and even has to pick out nervous dads’ ties to help them make a good impression.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dana said one mum pretended to be a lesbian to make her child’s application ‘stand out’ and said another, while still pregnant, considered early induction to ensure her baby was born before the school application cut-off date.

How far would you go to help your child get the school place you want them to have?

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