A stay-at-home dad has taken breakfast to a whole new level by making amazingly detailed pancakes to teach his kids the names of animals, dinosaurs and more,


Nathan Sheilds is an illustrator and self-named 'professional dad' who has uploaded his creations on his blog Saipancakes.

In this first image, Nathan has created pancake to teach his 2 young children about Cephalopods - that's octopus, squid and cuttlefish to the rest of us!

The next picture shows a selection of dinosaurs that may be more familiar.

To create these incredible pancakes, Nathan uses a 2-step process. He loads the basic pancake mix into a squirty bottle and squeezes out the shapes. He then creates a darker buckwheat batter, and squirts that on top to make the detailed markings.

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Nathan blogged: "These dinosaurs took advantage of the buckwheat batter for their darker colours, and come complete with interactive jaws."

But it's not just the animal kingdom he takes inspiration from. Nathan has also used his artistic talent to teach his children the names of the characters from Star Wars!

There's more amazing pancakes in the gallery below. The butterflies and bunnies look too good to eat!