Do the Spice children all get on? Mel C talks

Sporty Spice reveals that the Spice offspring are close buddies – and there may even be a marriage on the horizon!

The Spice Girls are soon to have 11 children between them, and Mel C, who has daughter Scarlet, 2, has been talking about how great it is seeing them all together and becoming the best of friends.


“Geri’s daughter, Bluebell, is such a sweetheart. She’s very motherly with Scarlet and that’s lovely to see,” Mel explained to the Daily Mirror.

“The Beckham boys are so lovely. They’re always very sweet when they visit. Scarlet’s much smaller than them and they take care of her,” said Mel, hinting that the Beckham boys will be great brothers to their unborn little sister.

The Beckham boys, though, are too late to be chasing after little Scarlet’s heart, as she already has a boyfriend in the shape of Emma Bunton’s son, Beau.

“Beau’s absolutely gorgeous. We’re giving them a healthy nudge towards each other,” joked Mel.


Now that’s an adorable wedding we’d love to see!

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