Don’t give birth today! Here’s why

August 31st is the worst day to have a baby, a new poll suggests...


If you’re pregnant and due (or even overdue), then do your best to hold on for 1 more day if you can! Because August 31st has been voted one of the worst days to give birth.


August 31st is the cut-off day for school entry, so a child born on August 31st starts school a full year (minus a day) than a child born on September 1st – and many parents do worry that, if their child is the youngest in their school year, they’ll do less well academically.  

“My daughter has an August birthday and I do worry that she’ll be at a disadvantage when she starts school,” one mum commented in the poll. “It seems so unfair that some of the children are almost a year older than her and have that head start which I’m sure helps them.”

But don’t despair if you waters do break today. There are some advantages to an August 31st birth day:

  • It’ll always be sunny and light (and close to a Bank Holiday) on your child’s birthday: no dingy school-hall parties for you
  • You won’t have to layer up your baby in snowsuits and footmuff and blankets and mitten, just to go outside
  • At least it’s not Christmas Day. Or, worse, February 29th!

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