Doting dad John Legend talks of the ‘different kind of love’ he has for daughter Luna

(And says heart-melty things about his relationship with Chrissy Teigen, too)


Well, this is a sweet piece of celeb news to ease us into the weekend! John Legend has been spilling the beans about fatherhood – and he doesn’t hold back on the emotional stuff.


Appearing on US chat show The Late Show, the devoted dada couldn’t say enough lovely things about his 1-year-old daughter Luna, and how amazing it is being a dad.

“It’s a different kind of love,” he said. “It’s very pure, it’s unconditional, but they haven’t earned it yet.

“They didn’t do anything, they just exist and you love them completely, but it’s not built on anything other than their existence.”

Aw, daddies and daughters! Gorgeous stuff, right? And that was only the start of it – he then went on to reveal how having a baby had further strengthened his marriage to Chrissy Teigan, too. 

“It’s beautiful, it’s very emotional and it brings you and your wife closer together,” he said. “It’s a very powerful feeling to see the product of your love right there in front of you.”

*Gulp* ? ?

He’s a keeper, right? (and don’t we just *adore* dads and partners who aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves?).

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