Entrepreneur James Caan, best known from BBC’s Dragons’ Den, has allegedly been filmed offering to buy a baby.

Dad-of-two James, 49, was in Pakistan filming a news feature about his charity work for ITV. He was handed a baby girl, which he then offered to purchase for his brother for 100,000 rupees (about £1,438), reports the Daily Mail.

The video, which is due to be screened as part of ITV’s News At Ten, has caused a lot of controversy for the Dragons’ Den star, who has since explained his side of the story on Radio 5 Live.

“It was more an emotional response than a rational thought. As soon as I came out of the village I reflected on the moment and realised it was clearly not the right thing to do in that situation,” explained James.

“I clearly have regrets. It wasn't rational and it wasn't right.

“You’re in a village where people are dying of malnutrition, where food isn't getting through. If there's an opportunity to give a life a chance of survival it's more an emotional response than a rational decision,” said James.

“When confronted by a vulnerable infant, amidst the debris of Pakistan's devastating floods, it is a human impulse to try to help,” said a spokesperson for Save the Children.

“The best help we can give to these children, is to enable them to stay within the love and protection of their families by helping them rebuild their lives – something Mr Caan is now trying to do,” stated the spokesperson.