Ear piercing: average age is 7

But most parents admit they're unhappy at their children getting earrings so young


Children in the UK are getting their ears pierced at the average age of just 7-years-old, despite most parents saying they “disagree” with it.


And the age children are getting pierced is getting younger: it was 13 a decade ago.

According to a survey of 1,023 women with a daughter under 15 , the majority of mums – 61% – say that the reason they let their daughter get her ears pierced was because they “gave into pressure”.

72% said they argued with their partner over the decision to pierce and over half said that the father did not want their child to get it done.

Despite the average age of girls getting their ears pierced being seven, 51% of mums questioned believe there should be a law preventing girls under 12 from getting it done.

The survey was done by www.comparejewellery.com  as part of research into the jewellery purchases and decisions of people around the UK.

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