Emily Mortimer’s risky raw pregnancy feast

Brit actress recalls horror of eating Japanese raw chicken delicacy while expecting

Describing her 5-week-old baby daughter May Rose, as “just so bloody sweet I can’t get over it,” things for actress Emily Mortimer weren’t always so smooth sailing!


Recalling when she discovered she was pregnant while on a trip to Japan, 38-year-old Emily found herself accidentally chomping on a delicacy – containing raw chicken AND raw eggs! “I was trying to be charming and have them think I was cool. I thought, ‘OK, my doctor told me I can have sushi if it’s fresh so I’ll have one bite,” she revealed when offered the traditional cuisine.

However, after taking a bite, she discovered that it was a pregnant woman’s nightmare on a plate with its potentially dangerous, raw ingredients usually recommended to be given a wide berth if expecting. “The weirdest thing is instead of stopping there, I kept eating it! I was absolutely appalled, but they were so proud of me for eating it, so even though I was pregnant and I was so desperate for this baby, I kept eating a piece of raw chicken!” she told Vanity Fair.

The delicacy in question was raw chicken sushi dipped in raw egg! After realising the possible dangers these raw foods could pose to her pregnancy, Emily was wracked with guilt. “I got home and cried on the phone to my husband,” she admitted. “I was saying, ‘I’ve killed our baby! I’ve just eaten raw chicken!”

However, the raw meal had no effect whatsoever on her baby, who was born perfectly healthy. Emily is also mum to 6-year-old son Samuel John with her hubby Alessandro Nivola.


If you are pregnant and confused on what foods are safe to eat while expecting, check out MFM’s guide to what you can, and can’t eat during pregnancy.

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