Having 3 kids wrecked my body, says Emma Willis

The telly presenter's reason for wanting to lose her baby weight (it's not what you think)...


The Voice presenter and mum-of-3 Emma Willis has opened up about her post-baby body. And how things get a little different once you’ve had kids.


“I feel like my body’s phenomenal: I’ve grown and given birth to 3 children,” the 41-year-old mum of Isabelle, 7, Ace, 5, and Trixie, 1, told OK! magazine. “It’s pretty wrecked through!”

“Having a baby just wrecks your body and it’s never the same again.

“I’ll never be like how I was 5 years ago, but I want to make the best of myself as I am now.”

After having little Trixie in 2016, Emma’s got a postnatal bod most of us would give our eye teeth to have but she says her motivation to get back in shape was more practical than anything else: when you’ve got 3 children, you’ve got to move fast to keep up!

“It wasn’t about losing weight,” she says. “It was about strengthening my back again and getting fit, so I can run around after the kids.”

emma willis workout

Obviously, it goes without saying that, as Emma’s a celeb, it’s part of her job to look amazing. And she’s probably had access to more personal training/help with childcare than your average mum of 3 could manage.

But we do like the way she talks about her postnatal body; it’s a nice change for all the usual ‘bouncing back into shape’ celeb-mum stuff.

And we definitely agree that being a mum puts all sorts of new demands on your back. A back that’s probably feeling a bit battered and achey already from 9 months of pregnancy.

Yep, when you’re not carrying your children around, you’re lifting them up or down or in or out. And don’t even get us started on all the bending, reaching, folding buggies, and lugging trikes, scooters, and changing bags…

Thanks for sharing, Emma ?

Images: Instagram/Emma Willis

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