Emmerdale set to run controversial ‘saviour sibling’ storyline

Debbie Dingle from ITV1 soap to have a baby to save her daughter’s life


Emmerdale is set to shock viewers with a controversial plot in the coming months. It’s been reported that parents Debbie Dingle and Andy Sugden will need to decide whether to have a baby so he or she can provide their critically ill daughter, Sarah, with matching bone marrow.


It is the first time a soap has tackled the tough subject of creating babies to provide genetic material for ill relatives.

The storyline escalates after the devastated parents are told daughter Sarah has a rare blood disorder, Fanconi Anemia. They face another setback when the hospital refuses them IVF treatment.

Emmerdale actress and mum-of-one Charley Webb defended her desperate character’s controversial bid.

“I know it’s a controversial issue and that some people are against the idea of saviour siblings, but it’s all about individual choice,” said Charley, reports The Sun.

“I hope the majority of viewers will see why Debbie feels she needs to have another child to save Sarah and also ask themselves, ‘What would I do?’

“I’m confident most people will understand that when it comes down to saving your child’s life, you will do whatever it takes.

“Personally, I wouldn’t care what it took. I would do absolutely everything and anything to save my child.”

Charley, 23, has an 18 month old son, Buster, with boyfriend and co-star Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe in the ITV1 soap.

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