We just love hearing how much babies weigh when they're born ?


It always reminds us of how much our own little ones weighed on the day they came hurtling into the world... and it's always fun to see whose new arrival weighed the most, right?

Well, hats off to this mum, whose tots are confirmed to be the heaviest twin boys ever to be born in England.

33-year-old Faye Gardiner welcomed sons Joseph and Luke, weighing 8lb 7oz and 7lb 11oz respectively, via C-section.

Their size caused her surgeons to gasp in surprise, Faye said. "Other members of the hospital staff came to see them because they were so big. No one could quite believe their size," she told MailOnline.

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With a combined weight of 16lb 2oz (2lb 2oz more than a stone!) we're really not surprised the newborns inspired such a reaction.

Keep in mind that the average twin is said to weigh around 5lb.

Faye also told the paper that she was somewhat relieved to find out their weight - because it explained why her baby bump was so huge!

"We were pleased that the twins were growing well, but my bump grew so enormous that I couldn't even stand or walk properly," she revealed. "I had to spend the last few weeks on crutches as my bump was so heavy."

All's well that end's well, eh? Joshua and Luke are now gorgeous 5 month olds, weighing 16lb 2oz and 16lb 8oz.

Huge congrats to Faye on her record-breaking boys ??

Image: garyrobertsphotography.com

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