Eva Longoria DOESN’T have a baby bump: “I just ate a ball of cheese”

The Desperate Housewives star swats away pregnancy rumours in an honest Snapchat video...


Eva Longoria’s NOT pregnant, people – and she’s keen to let the world know it.


The 42-year-old actress took to Snapchat to dispel the rumours, which began when she was photographed on a paddle board during her Maui holiday with husband Jose Batson.

She admitted that even her family had seen the pics, and wanted to know whether or not she was expecting.

“So I saw some pictures of myself really fat on a boat,” she says to the camera. “I have to tell you all I did was eat cheese.

“Everybody is saying I’m pregnant and I’m not. I was just lactose intolerant apparently. I just had to share because my whole family is calling me asking me if I’m pregnant.

“Yes I look pregnant, but it was just a ball of cheese, a ball of cheese in my stomach. Seriously I looked so fat. But you know what? That happens to people. Everybody gets bloated.”

Quick reality check: We’ve seen the pics she’s referring to – and she very clearly has a totally normal, still-pretty-tiny stomach. We’d be more than chuffed with Eva’s ‘fat’ tummy on our best day.

We reckon she probably means ‘my stomach looks bigger than usual’ when she calls herself fat.

But everything else she says in her dismissal is 100% spot on. Everyone does get bloated. Your body has to digest food, and sometimes it struggles with that. Weight and appearance fluctuate everyday as a result.

And just because you’re recently married and your abs aren’t concave doesn’t mean you’re with child!

Eva continued her Snapchat story by showing her followers what her non-bloated tummy looks like, proving the photos she disliked were just a flash in the pan…

eva longoria

“I’m not bloated today but this is pre-pancake. I’m about to go eat a pancake,” she adds, right before we see a clip of a pancake being slathered in syrup ?

“After I eat any kind of carb, I just blow up… so that’s the news of the day. Not pregnant, just eating a lot of cheese, a lot of wine, lot of pancakes.”

Look, if you can’t indulge in pancakes and a big mound of cheese when you’re on holiday, when can you?!


Images: Eva Longoria/Snapchat

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