Do you remember those first few weeks of pregnancy (maybe you're going through it now?) - when you and your other half and maybe one or two close friends know you're pregnant, but you're trying to hide that fact from the rest of the world?


You use all those little tricks, like feigning being on antibiotics to avoid a drink when you're out, or keeping your cardi done up in the hope no one will notice until you're ready to make the big announcement.

So we feel for British actress Emily Blunt. Emily didn't let on to her co-stars when she discovered she was pregnant while filming her latest movie, The Girl On A Train. Her fellow actors thought she was doing a bit of method acting to make her performance more authentic.

Emily was playing a character who, she says, was in a "dark place" and "truly in the depths of despair".

"'I was really tired all the time, which is not my normal self, and people thought I'd begun drinking heavily, just to get into character," she told Mail Online.

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"But it wasn't the part I was playing that made it such a struggle to keep going; what no one knew was that I'd just found out I was pregnant with my second child, but I was determined not to let anyone think I was using that as an excuse."

Fair do's Em ?

The only person who did know Emily was pregnant was actor Justin Theroux - who plays her hubby in the film.

He copped on to the situ, commenting: "You've done other tough roles before - you battled aliens in Edge Of Tomorrow. What's wrong with you? Are you pregnant or something?"

Nail. Hit. Head. JT!

Emily's since had her baby - her second child, a little girl called Violet, born in July. She already has a child with husband actor John Krasinski - Hazel who was born in 2014. But there's not much rest to be had, alas - as the star's now out and about promoting her latest flick.

Yep - like all of us - she's one busy mamma ?

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