Ex-BB contestant Chanelle Hayes on birth, breastfeeding and parenting

Glamour model Chanelle talks about the birth of her son Blakely and about being a single mum.


Chanelle Hayes has spoken about giving birth and her experiences of trying to raise a newborn baby as a single mum with New! Magazine


The glamour model and former Big Brother star, 22, gave birth to son Blakely, eight days ago.

Blakely’s dad is footballer Matthew Bates, and although no longer a couple, Chanelle believes that it’s important for both parents to be involved when raising a child. “It’s better to have the dad involved, I think he’ll try to be a dad to Blakely but I’m going to be with him full-time. I think a baby needs to be with its mum,” she told the mag.

Chanelle also spoke about her birth and adjusting to life as a new mum. “I was in bed watching South Park! I couldn’t sleep because I had really bad acid reflux,” Chanelle explained.

“I got up to go to the toilet and my waters broke. I Googled it and it said I probably wasn’t in labour, so I got back into bed and watched a few more episodes. But then I phoned the hospital and they said to come in. We got to the hospital about 4am and I was 4cm dilated. An hour and a half later I was saying, ‘I need to push!’ and he came after just two hours!”

Chanelle also added that, unlike Gisele Budchen, who made controversial comments yesterday, she is finding it difficult to breastfeed Blakely. “He won’t latch on. I’m renting a hospital breast pump, so I’m expressing and feeding him breast milk in a bottle. But I can’t make enough milk. He’s so hungry! Because he was a bit early, the midwife said he’s having a growth spurt. I’ve got some little bottles of ready-made formula milk too,” she said.


When asked if she would continue with attempting to breastfeed, Chanelle replied, “Well, as long as I can express and feed him I’m not really bothered. It hurts! Using the breast pump is easier because you don’t have to get your boobs out in public with people staring at you! I’m going to express for as long as I can and see what happens.”

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