Excuse me! Where have table manners gone?

Parents admit children are less polite at mealtimes while slurping and using their phone at the table


A new survey has revealed that traditional table manners are fast disappearing, along with the words please and thank you.


While a third of parents feel it’s a struggle to get their children to be polite at the table, they also admit to some bad eating habits of their own. While 48% reveal they start eating before everyone’s food has arrived, 38% will answer a phone call during dinner and 33% will steal food off someone else’s plate.

A third of parents also said they were too tired to make sure their children develop good table manners and 10% admitted they don’t say please or thank you during mealtimes.

A spokesperson for Bisto, who commissioned the survey, commented, “It seems the traditional family meal is on a decline and is leading to a slip in good table manners. We’re on a mission to resurrect quality time for families to sit down together over dinner.”


Find out how to make sure your little one learns good table manners from a very early age.

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