The internet was abuzz with rumours that pregnant Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton had gone into labour at bandmate Kerry Katona’s wedding on Sunday evening.


And the singer, who is due on the 26 September, confirmed via Twitter that she did go into hospital on the evening of her pal’s nuptials. However, her management team has confirmed that she has not given birth to her baby girl just yet.

So, what actually happened?

At 38 weeks pregnant, Natasha was clearly getting nervous about getting contractions during Kerry's ceremony. She announced she would be keeping her legs tightly crossed all weekend.

Then on Friday, Natasha tweeted about her pregnancy prep for Kerry’s big day.

Might as well pack the kitchen sink for this wedding!!! Hospital bag, car seat, preggers pillow + all our wedding gear, Kez we're moving in!” she joked.

“Must admit I've only packed this am and I'm so tired. Think I'll be first to be in bed at wedding for sure, be lucky if I make it past 7pm:( x”

The next day, Natasha was practising her wedding look with Kerry Katona’s daughters Molly and Lilly, who were helping to style her hair.

On the Sunday of Kerry’s wedding, The Mirror reported that Natasha was feeling unwell at around 9pm. She decided it would be best to visit a nearby hospital in Bristol when she started to feel contractions. She reportedly found out she was 3cm dilated and was kept in hospital overnight.

The singer then confirmed that she was resting at home after the labour scare.

“Well what an eventful 48 hours I've had! Totally exhausted & glad to be home. Thanks to all at #SouthMeadHospital who took care of us x” she tweeted on Monday.

Expectant dad Ritchie excitedly tweeted “Wish this baby would just decide to be here now. The suspense is killing me :) @NatashaOfficial”. But it looks like the pair may have to wait a bit longer to meet their baby daughter.

What to do if you think you're in labour

There are plenty of ways to be prepared for the birth of your child. Make sure you're familiar with some of the early labour signs and what contractions feel like, so you know what to expect. Like Natasha, make sure you've packed your hospital bag (or several hospital bags). Keep it nearby at all times, just in case.

And if you think you're in labour - or experience any unusual pain - make sure you call your midwife straight away to get checked out.

Photo: Twitter / Natasha Hamilton

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