Say goodbye to the bingo wings and get ready for arms of steel in the New Year, as a survey says we lug 60kg of food shopping home from the supermarket in the run-up to Christmas.

The survey by Ocado studied how much the average shopper buys and carries home. It found the average supermarket sweeper lugs a massive 87 tonnes of groceries home over their lifetime.

This makes an average weekly food shop of three bags per person, each weighing 12.7 kilos.

And it seems we go into overdrive as the festive period gets into full swing, with our baskets ballooning to an enormous 60kg, five times than we usually buy as we stock up with turkey, veg, booze and of course, chocolate.

Is your tummy bigger than your muscles? If you’ve been caught out with overloaded bags on the way home from the supermarket, share your bag-breaking horror stories below…