Fearne Cotton shares rare mummy night out and #nofilter morning after snaps

Her little boy was confused when she wasn't in her pjs by 6.30pm one evening... sound familiar? ?


Ah, we just love Fearne Cotton. She’s one of the most glam UK TV stars – but also one of the most honest.


And her latest Instagram pics show both sides of the presenter and mum-of-2 (she has 3-year-old Rex and his little sister, Honey).

In the pic on the right, Fearne’s all dressed up for what we can only imagine is a big night out – and, it seems, a pretty rare one too.

She wrote: 

“My 3 year old took this as I was on my way out. He was relatively bemused that I wasn’t in pj’s at 6:30 pm.”

She shared this pic as well…


And next to it she commented: “Managed to get the kids pasta outta my hair and I’m off out. It’s been a while.”

Now that we can relate to ?

And loads of Fearne’s fans were quick to high-five her, especially on her no make-up morning after shot (top left), captioned: 

“And as if by magic she was back to her natural state #getyapjsout.”

Her admirers loved this pic in particular – one said: “Massive respect Fearne for a no makeup photo. More celeb types should do this, people need to realise that you’re all real underneath! Well done, more of this please! :-))))”

Another said: “Fearne, I love how you are so willing to share your ‘naturalness’ with us all x”

And finally, this: “Super to show young girls all women are natural underneath and are beautiful 🙂 x”

We couldn’t agree more – and we hope you had a fab evening, Fearne. After all, every mum deserves a night off once in a while, right? ?

Photos: Fearne Cotton on Instagram

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