Fears over parents using home food allergy testing kits

Food allergy testing kits might not work and could be putting toddlers on unnecessary restrictive diets


Food allergy testing kits may seem like a godsend for any of us with little ones showing signs of an allergy but experts warn they could be doing more harm than good, reports the Telegraph.


“Many parents often turn to alternative methods to help diagnose their child, but there is currently little evidence base for these approaches, and parents often end up putting their children on very extensive restriction diets following the inaccurate diagnosis, which can leave them malnourished, as well as wasting time and money,” explained Dr Adam Fox, a consultant in paediatric allergy at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital in London.

Experts from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) say parents are resorting to food allergy tests, which can be bought online for about £60, because it’s taking too long to get an accurate diagnosis through the NHS.

To fix this NICE has issued new guidelines to speed the diagnosis process up and make GPs take the matter more seriously.


As always if you suspect your toddler is suffering from an allergy speak to your GP – don’t try to diagnose it yourself. In the meantime, read our guide to spotting the symptoms of a food allergy.


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