First babymugging, now it’s blackboard baby!

Heart-warming chalk drawings of newborn set to be a hit


In the craze for user-generated art, the next big thing to follow babymugging could well be Anna Eftimie’s lovely photographs of her newborn baby having adventures on a blackboard.


Photographer Anna and her husband found a way of making the hundreds of pics all parents take of their newborn baby even more adorable by popping their sleeping son Serban into chalk-drawn adventure scenes.

They now have a series of Blackboard Adventures where Serban appears to be being carried by a stork (like all good newborns) travelling on a skateboard and flying with balloons.

Californian-based Anna, 33, Anna, who runs Cute Moments Photography, is now being commissioned by other parents who want their children to be photographed in their own adventures. According to Yahoo, a father has asked for his daughter to be urned into the President of the United States, another family want to send their child on an African safari adventure.

“What I enjoy most is the parents’ reactions when they first see the finished product,” says Anna. “One family wrote to me telling me how they were still smiling from ear to ear.”

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