Car seat makers Maxi-Cosi have launched the world’s first child car seat with integrated airbags.


The new AxissFix Air has the inflatable safety protection system built into the seat harness, and the airbags will inflate within 0.05 seconds in event of a crash.

The bags are connected to CO2 cartridge, which is stored in the back of the seat, and will inflate the bags in the event of an impact.

Safety-wise, the bags will reduce the neck-pulling force experienced by a baby during a crash by half, according to Maxi-Cosi tests.

How does it work?

Tested up to speeds of around 40 miles an hour, sensors in the car seat ISOFIX connectors will send a signal to inflate the airbags if the car suddenly feels a force of 10gs.

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That is around 5 times the maximum brake speed of any car, and means the airbags shouldn’t go off at any bump or knock.

The sensors are powered by a battery in the seat, which lasts 10 years, but like any child car seat, once it’s been involved in an accident, you can’t reuse the seat.

Is there a suffocation risk?

Maxi-Cosi say the Group 0+/1 seat does not pose any risk of suffocation as the airbags deflate in 1 second – almost as fast as they inflate.

What age is the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix suitable for?

The rear and forward-facing Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air is suitable for babies from 61cm (around 4 months) up to 105 cm (which is around 4 years) or when they weigh 18kg. This means it's not suitable for newborns.

How much does it cost?

It’s on sale for £550 at John Lewis, Mothercare and other good retailers.


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