It's not the memory of your first kiss or birthday party, it's the first trip to the dreaded dentist's chair that remains in your mind for years to come, reveals a new poll.


According to, 35% of the 1,671 adults polled claim that their first experience with the dentist is their earliest childhood memory, with 85% of them saying it was because of the fear factor rather than it being an enjoyable blast from the past.

The poll also reveals that adults can recall how they felt and remember memories from as young as 4.3 years old.

Other early childhood memories include first holiday away with the parents, as well as less fond memories of having a tooth pulled out or a childhood injury.

Check out the full list of early childhood memories - did yours make the grade?

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  • Trip the dentist (35%)
  • Birthday party (33%)
  • Holiday (28%)
  • First day at school (25%)
  • Trip to the doctor (24%)
  • Day out (23%)
  • Childhood accident (17%)
  • Tooth falling out (16%)
  • Receiving a present (14%)
  • Playing with friends (12%)