Fish falls in love with Moshi Monsters toy

It Moshi be love, as romance between a fish called Bess and a plastic Moshling named Blurp melts hearts at the Sea Life Centre, Great Yarmouth


Bess, the cow-horned boxfish, has fallen in love – with a Moshi Monsters toy called Blurp.


The sweetest underwater romance is playing out at Great Yarmouth Sea Life centre, where, as part of a children’s challenge, six Moshling figures were hidden in the fish tanks for young visitors to spot.

All the Moshlings are due to be removed soon but Bess the boxfish, whose species is native to the tropical Indo Pacific, is now so obviously attracted to her little green tank companion that the staff can’t bring themselves to break her fishy little heart.

“Perhaps it’s because Blurp has spikes,” says curator Christine Pitcher, “and the spikes are similar to the boxfish’s own horns – so it’s likely Bess thinks Blurp’s another boxfish.

Whatever the reason, we think we’re going to have to leave Blurp in the tank, so that Bess doesn’t pine for her new friend.” 

Children can spot the Moshlings in tanks at Sea Life Centres around the UK this summer – and life-sized Moshi Monsters will be visiting Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre from March 29 to May 5. 

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