Fish oils protect placenta when taken during pregnancy

Omega 3 fatty acids reduce placental inflammation


Fish oils are good for pregnant mums, according to research. Previously scientists knew Omega-3 fatty (most commonly found in fish oils) acids to be beneficial, yet they did not know why.


The study, carried out on pregnant rats, found that fish oils can be useful for limiting placental inflamation, which occurs in some pregnancy disorders such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and even miscarriage.

The report, published in The Journal of Lipid Research in Australia concluded that the placenta was able to convert the fish oils to resolvins, which limit inflammation.

Lead researcher Megan Jones said: “These findings significantly help further our understanding of how fish oil intake may be beneficial during pregnancy.”

Omega-3 can be found in mackerel, tuna and salmon as well as walnuts, leafy green vegetables and flaxseed oil. Supplements are also an easy way of adding them to your diet.

Please note that eating shark, marlin or swordfish when pregnant is not advised. The NHS guideline also recommends limiting the amount of tuna consumed to 2 tuna steaks a week and 4 medium tins. It also states not to eat any raw shellfish or sushi. For more details on what healthcare professionals recommend eating during pregnancy visit

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