Five year old sees her baby sister before losing her sight

Newborn arrives before Scarlett Hellewell goes blind due to a brain tumour


A five year old girl, who’s suffering from an inoperable brain tumour, got her wish to see her new baby sister before her cancer takes away her sight.


Scarlett Hellewell was desperately hoping she wouldn’t go blind before her new baby sister, Willow May, was born. She still has some sight in one eye, and is able to see her sister by holding her near. “She gets really close to Willow and kisses and cuddles her,” says her mum Paula.

We first heard about Scarlett on MadeForMums last year, when she and her brothers and sisters (Nathan, 20, Hollie, 16, Kai, 9, and Finlay, 6) sold their toys to raise money for a dream holiday.

The five siblings sold soft toys, bikes, go karts and even their pencil cases and managed to raise enough funds to go to the Caribbean.

Scarlett suffers from neurofibromatosis, which causes her to develop many tumours, including one affecting her sight.

Sadly, another cancer sufferer, mum Nikki Blunden, is unlikely to be able to see her son start his first day at school. Nikki, 37, has terminal breast cancer, and has been refused access to the anti-cancer drug, lapatinib, which she hoped would give her a few more months to live.

Her local primary care trust rejected her request for the drug, which doctors hoped would give her a few more months.


Her husband believes lapatinib is her only chance of seeing her five year old son start school in September. “We just want more time together as a family,” he said.

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