For quite some time lovely decorative little fairy doors have been popping up around the UK, initially on trees in woodland - a cute indication that spritely beings are about.


They've become so popular there have even been 'elfin construction controls' put into place in certain woods, like Wayford Woods, Crewkerne, in Somerset - where at one point more than 200 little doors had been screwed to various trees.

But now it seems the doors are moving inside. So what exactly is the deal with these magical fairy portals?


What is a fairy door?

Fairy doors are little doors where children can leave messages and little gifts for the fairies and where parents (AKA fairies) can leave little messages and gift for their children.

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Unlike the Elf on the Shelf who appears just at Christmas, making mischief and reporting back to Santa on whether a child is being good or not, the fairy doors mean fairy activity can go on in your house all year round.

Got a child whose at the age where they're losing teeth? Fairy doors take away that awkward moment where you have to lift your little one's head as carefully as possible so as not to wake them and slip a coin under their pillow.

Simply place the tooth behind the door the night before and it will be replaced next morning with a coin by a fairy (who probably looks a bit like mum).

Not only that, these little fairy doors can be a helpful way to reward good behaviour by popping little gifts for the kids by them every now and then, and notes of encouragement and inspiration.

Where can I get a fairy door?

There are tonnes of companies out there selling them now along with a range of accessories, including wall stickers, little post boxes and even little fairy paths. For starters try:

And one of our MadeForMums members, Leanne Dean, even makes her own for sale at a very reasonable price - take a look at her Facebook page


What do our MadeForMums members think of fairy doors?

In general, it seems fairy doors get the thumbs up from most of you:

"We have a fairy door, fairy house in the play house and a fairy garden too.. we love fairies. lol xx," - says Karen Clarke on Facebook.

'Yes, my daughter has one in her room," added Amanda Dyer. "She loves it and the little surprises sometimes left for her"

"'Way better than those creepy Elf on the Shelf things. Plus this is all year long." Charlie Sylvia Macdonald said. "Question. I have a son but I love the idea. Could I do this for a boy? Maybe like a fairy monster truck comes out?" Exactly, why should the boys miss out on all the fun?

And one mum, wasn't really sure about them at all: "For Christ's sake. How on earth did we manage without all this nonsense for years and years....."

What's the MadeForMums verdict?

Though the upkeep of your fairy door (notes, and perhaps even small gifts all year round) could get tricky we do think they can add a creative and magical element to your home, especially if you have little ones if you fancy it, we say go for it.

Images: Top: My Fairy; second: stock image; third: Irish Fairy Door Company

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