Last Sunday was Mother's Day over in the US and Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett made sure it was a REAL celebration of motherhood by sharing a VERY candid post-baby picture.


The one-time girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, who lived in the Playboy mansion for a time and is best known in the UK for being in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here took to social media to show off her bare tummy and the marks that two pregnancies and two babies have left behind.

Donning a cropped sports top, Kendra proudly declared: "Look at what my babies did. They made me happy!"

Kendra also shared 2 cute snaps of her adorable little bubbas, accompanied by some very lovely words about them. Next to a pic of her 6-year-old son Hank as a newborn, she wrote:

"With Lil Hank I was soooo attached to him. I didn't want anyone near him. He was all mine.

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And to accompany a shot of gorgeous little Alijah, who is just 1, she said:

"With Alijah, we are homies... I kinda let her do her thang. She is who she is already pretty much."

Kendra's pic has been shared across the Twittersphere in praise of her honesty: here at MFM we say fair do's to her.

Loving that #nofilters pic, Kendra. More of these, please, celebs...

Pictures: Instagram/Kendra Wilkinson Twitter/Kendra Wilkinson

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