Tina 'S Club' Barrett has confirmed she's to be a mum with Paul Cashmore, her partner of 3 years. She's due in June - making 2016 a big year for the celeb, who will also be turning the big 4-0. Exciting!

Tina shared the news with fans on Twitter and told OK! magazine that her former bandmates were delighted to hear her news.

Rachel Stevens and Jo O'Meara are already mums themselves, and when Jo found out about Tina, "she burst into tears". Awwww!

The couple conceived within 3 months of trying, and already know the sex of the baby - though they're not telling the world that just yet.

Tina revealed that "I know it sounds silly but it did take us by surprise - we thought it would take longer”.


And she also admitted she'd love it if her little one were to join a band along with her former bandmates' children.

Here at MFM HQ we would totally LOVE that - although there's already been an S Club Juniors - so they'd need to work on a name. We're pretty sure it's going to happen though. Watch this space.

Congratulations both!

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