Four-year-old expelled from school

Boy asked to leave after attacking teachers


A four-year-old primary school pupil from Lancashire has become one of the youngest children in Britain to be expelled from school.


Mckenzie Dunkley was recently asked to leave the Sacred Heart Primary School in Ashton-on-Ribble after he constantly disrupted classes and attacked teachers.

In one incident McKenzie is said to have lashed out at a teacher while being dragged away from a light switch that he was repeatedly flicking on and off.

His parents had refused to agree to an action plan to deal with his behaviour, which they described as ‘lively’, and McKenzie had been sent home from his reception class on four occasions by head teacher, Carol Seagraves, before being thrown out for good.

“They are making him out to be a thug and I think they are treating him far too old,” said his mum, Shelley Dunkley, 27. “At home he is quiet and if he does get a bit boisterous then he gets told off and told to behave himself.”

Ms Seagraves responded by saying, “It is only on very rare occasions that a school would consider permanently excluding a child as young as four. Our aim is not to punish but to carry out an assessment and successfully reintegrate the child into mainstream school as quickly as possible.”


The youngest pupil to be expelled from school for violent behaviour was a girl of three.


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