Scribbling a few wishes on a piece of paper and popping it in the postbox to Santa seemed like so much fun as a kid, but how funny would it be to read those requests now? MFM surveyed over 1,000 mums to do exactly that – ask mums what outrageous gifts their kids had asked for over the years and we got some great answers!


Topping children’s’ Christmas lists with 30% of the vote are live animals. We say animals, because it wasn’t your regular cats, dogs and hamsters that Santa was being asked for, but some rather unusual (and dangerous, in some cases) choices made the list too! From pandas to monkeys, sharks to whales, tigers to tarantualas, penguins and even requests for dinosaurs and dragons, we’re not quite sure what MFM children are watching on TV these days…

MadeForMums’ favourite most outrageous Christmas present requests

1 A chainsaw
2 A shadow
3 A crocodile
4 A tattoo
5 A real panda that does kung-fu
6 A designer handbag with flights to New York to buy it
7 An OAP mobility scooter to ride around on
8 A turtle and a piece of rope
9 A camper van
10 A sausage

Vehicles were also very popular, with 15% asking for a car, a plane or a motorbike. While Lamborghinis made it to the top of several children's lists, two wanted a combine harvester.

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One child made his mum laugh with his request for a chainsaw, while another wanted World Peace. "What was I meant to do with that? She was very disappointed in Santa that year!" confessed the 8-year-old's mum.

However, the most outrageously funny gift request had to be “30 packs of Blu-tack” which made one 5-year-old as “pleased as punch”.


So remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to be a hero on Christmas morning!