Game makes Jack Osbourne’s daughter cry!

Looks like Jack’s got a way to go to get Pearl into computer games…


Adventure-sport-loving Jack Osbourne will have to find some quieter hobbies to enjoy with daughter Pearl, who appears to scream at the sight of a video game.


Jack, whose daughter Pearl just hit the big 2 (and by big 2, we actually mean she’s 2-months-old!), tweeted a picture showing Pearl screeching at the site of a computer game controller. We bargain the noise would even rival Hilary Duff’s unhappy baby.

Luckily for Jack, Pearl looked a lot more content with dad at the office. Sitting as his desk, Jack shared a picture titled, “Bring your baby to work day.” In her cute little headband, spotted romper and white shoes, Pearl’s certainly too cool to be sent on the coffee run.


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