Get your baby to sleep using Darth Vader breathing

Watch this dad use his nifty Star Wars-inspired trick to send his baby off to sleep in less than 30 seconds


When it comes to trying to get a fussy baby off to sleep, we’re willing to try anything. Whether it’s a simple trick with a piece of tissue, a walk round the block with the pram or a drive in the car – we all have our methods.


So excuse us while we perfect our best Darth Vader impression – because this Star Wars-obsessed dad has just worked out new way. He uses a bit of deep breathing inspired by the Dark Side to get his baby off to sleep in less than 30 seconds.

In the amazing video, baby Madison is crying and refusing to go to sleep – that is until her dad gives his best Darth Vader heavy breathing. KSSSHHH KUUUHHH… KSSSHHH KUUUHHH… KSSSHHH KUUUHHH…

Then as if by magic the baby starts drifting off to sleep. The video is worth a watch just for the super cute yawn the baby does as she’s drifting off!

Do you have any tricks for getting your little one off to sleep? Let us know in the comments.

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