Girl banned from school for wearing… a school skirt

Sharna Griffin, 15, was sent home because she wasn't wearing trousers!


Schoolgirl Sharna Griffin, 15, was forced to go home after her school banned her – for wearing a skirt.


Nailsea School, near Bristol, has decided to introduce a trousers-only policy this term to stop girls from wearing skirts that are too short, reports the Metro.

“Our financial situation meant we could not buy trousers over the weekend, so we sent her to school with a skirt on again and a note explaining why,” said Sharna’s dad Paul, 44.
Sharna’s mother Gemma told, “I completely understand the issue of female students wearing skirts which are too short or tight and agree that should not be allowed. But the skirt that Sharna was wearing was brand new and knee length and totally suitable for school and she looked very smart.”

The banning of school skirts is growing around the country, with schools in Ipswich and North Yorkshire introducing similar uniform rules.

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