If your child has an Android phone, then you might want to think about downloading the Google Family Link app.


Designed for kids under 13, the app allows you to create an account for each of your children's phones, which allows you to keep tabs on what they're up to while they're tapping away.

There's lots you can do to keep an eye on (and control) what your child's doing on their phone, including:

  • approving the apps they download from the Google Play store
  • seeing how much time they're spending in front of the screen
  • checking activity reports from their fave apps
  • setting daily limits for mobile usage (so, you can switch off their phone at bedtime, for example)
  • remotely locking their phone whenever you want.

You can even track their location - think 'Find My iPhone' but for Android devices.

Mums and dads can download the app via the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store - so you can keep tabs either through your iPhone or Android phone.

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However, it would seem that the app doesn't keep track of children's iPhones. So, it only works when your child's using an Android phone - operating system Nougat 7.0 or above.

Once you've downloaded the app to your own phone, you need your own Google account to set everything up.

Then, you basically make another Google account - this time for your child's device.

It's like your regular Google account, except it gives you permission to make the 'rules'. It's what enables you to do all the app-monitoring and phone-locking we mentioned above.

Does this sound like something you'd use for your pre-teens - or would you consider using it as your children hit the right age?

We'd love to know - please share in the comments below!

Image: Google via The Sun

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