Gordon Brown’s toddler son tweets on wife’s Twitter page

Sarah Brown learns a lesson after leaving her son unsupervised with her computer


Prime Minister Gordon Brown has admitted that a tweet by his toddler son taught him how important internet supervision is. “Last week, people who follow my wife, Sarah, on Twitter received a message of gobbledegook, which my younger son Fraser had bashed out on the keys and then pressed send while she was out of the room,” he confessed.


Sarah Brown has over a million followers on the site who were surprised to see she had posted a succession of letters that made no sense. Shortly afterwards, she explained the origins of her unusual tweet, “In future, I will turn my computer off when I’m not using it to save energy and avoid junior tweet interference.”

“It started with our mistake and, of course, it was a mistake not to supervise the internet and we were taught a big lesson as a result of that,” said Gordon.


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