Granddad Steven Tyler makes it just in time to see Liv’s early birth

Liv Tyler went into labour 6 weeks early but her rockstar dad was on the next flight


When Liv Tyler went into labour 6 weeks early, you might have forgiven her dad Steven, frontman of Aerosmith, for not getting there on time. But the proud granddad wouldn’t miss the birth of his second grandchild for the world and got on the next available flight – arriving just in time for the birth.


“When I got the call that Liv Tyler was going into labour, after crying like a baby myself, I immediately dropped everything and went to to the airport to get on the next available flight,” the singer shared on Facebook. “When I landed I kept calling my daughter Mia Tyler who was already helping Liv and she kept giving me minute by minute updates, ‘HURRY THE BABY IS COMING!’
“I made it RIGHT in time before my second grandson entered this world. It was another (God wink) moment of a lifetime for me.”


The Lord of the Rings actress gave birth to her first child with boyfriend David Gardner on Thursday 12 February – but they’re yet to decide on a name.

The 37 year old already has 9-year-old son Milo from her previous marriage to Royston Langdon, while David has a son Grey, from a previous relationship.

And it was David who gave us our first glimpse of the newborn when he posted a picture of his tiny son’s hand clutching his finger on Valentine’s Day. “Our little one has arrived…Beautiful baby boy…Happy Valentines Day @misslivalittle,” he commented on Instagram.

The good news is that their premmie baby is doing well and is healthy, but may be in hospital for a while before coming home.

Congratulations all!

Photos: Facebook / Steven Tyler and Instagram / David Gardner

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